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SO yea, looking for some people who wish to get started out in game design and the like, No I do not have a money to pay for those services, and would hope that the possibility of the games rate of sale, if it got that far would be sectioned up for that. I would only want three percent, yes only THREE percent of the total on the game sales unless it did badly then I would take as little as I could. Though I have many more games ideas other then this, this would be a large game after all and I am not sure if it can be done.

SO here is the first, only the first chapter of the game.

The world is called Tentra, the world of ten continents. Seperated in the Equator by a line of magic ice and tundra that is worrisome for any to cross, and non have in thousands of years. Now the northern seven Continents are inhabited by the worlds most deadly creatures, one specific breed is called a Stag, massive insectoids that predate man and evolve through magic to have different types, fire, water, and the like. Though they are unimportant to the story I have, it's important to know that such things exist. Our, or rather at this time, my story takes place in the lower lands, the South Three Continents on the Continental Island Korcal in the eastern Lands of Kel-Torteval, named for the Leader of the Dwarves who, long ago welcomed taller man to settle the lands around and north of his peoples Silver Ridge Mountains. The city is takes place in is the Grand First, Gold Krell, named for being the first real city in the world at large that has a governing body as well as a person in charge. At the time it is a man named Longlan, who has the magic of Stone Skin.


So the beginning of the story then. You will be playing as one person, and only one person, his name, his actual name is Darwin Dirrid Niwrad, a palindrome of a name, he has the magic of, Sight, he sees a lot, and that would basically be like detective mode from Batman Arkham games, cause when his eyes are closed he sees like anyone else, in normal colors, and nothing more, he sees like a normal person would so long as his eyes are closed, and he keeps them closed, cause when they open he sees a world of vivid color, and things no one else, besides his father ever did. His eyes show him magical properties, so people who glow yellow, have magic that is ranged, people who glow green are self-magic, and so on, and some have a green glow, with a yellow outline for mixed purpose, there is Blue transformation magic, like turning oneself into wind and the like. As it stands, he can also see when people will die, it gives days left to live, over their heads, up to 1000 years. Only he is unable to see anything about himself, since mirrors are not you, and he can't look into mirrors and see anything special either with his eyes open. His eyes themselves are palest pink like his fathers, though you don't meet the father, whose name was Destiny Niwrad, he is talked about cause he taught Darwin the one thing he needed to know, 'Learn my boy, for through knowledge comes truth, and through truth comes enlightenment and peace.' Destiny vanished fifty years before this story starts, now before you think, HOLY COW, Darwin is over 50? Yes, he is actually 187 years old, and magic will keep you alive and nearly ageless so long as you use it, and with 'Active Magic' that is all the time. Anyway, Darwin comes from a place known as Anor, a place that was sank into the grounds and turned into the Border Bog, or the Border of Anor to people in the know. The year aspect in this world, at least on this continent is based off when 'Magic' was given to the world by nature due to the man named Gargore, who was killed ages before. Ages are separated into frames of 100 years, and this game would take place, or at least start in the 56th year of the 61st Age, so 6156 years after Nature gave magic to the world. Nature in this world supplies all magic, and forests are vast, and trees are never cut down, unless you have some evil warlord... Cough, cough, who wants to stop magic and make his muscles more relevant. That is important to the future, but not the present. SO yea, trees are really sacred here, and while people cut dying ones down, they must always, always plant another or nature as a whole will retaliate, mind you through people, but yea that comes at the end of this game. <.<


So the story starts with Darwin in a Crows nest aboard the Ship Rafters, it is captained by Jak 'Rafters' Ridder, a wind magic, but only to turn into the wind itself, and he only has control over the force within 30 yards. He awakens Darwin to tell him of the approach to Gold Krells Canal District, pretty much a section in the North Eastern Parts that are sectioned off by water and the land people live on is separated through canals. You would begin the game there, and while you can swim, you can and will be eaten by sharks that inhabit the low water Canals and the 'Small Sea' surrounding the Canal District. As it stands, you get your tutorial on the boat, climbing, running, some fighting, which would have option from lethal to none lethal that you can change mid combat because the choices you make after the first chapter of missions begin to affect your end game boss. You also get a small taste of your eye powers as you climb back up on the Crows Nest before you get the option to dock, and you will see two massive serpent shapes under the waves. The water body you are sailing on currently is called the Cape of Blood it is infested by creatures known as snakes, which are hundreds of feet long serpents with retractable fangs and large mouths. They are mostly sightless, but pick up on vibrations, so sailors have to use magic, to get through the area safely, Ridder uses a magic stone himself which repels Snakes, though not very important, just saying it. So they dock and Ridder tell Darwin he is welcome to stay aboard as a member of the crew if he is hunting for work. He was expecting a child soon himself and would like another crew member to lighten his load. Darwin gives his joyful tidings and then for the first time directly to the Captain, he opens his pale pink eyes and gives a sorrowful smile, telling him to be careful in about ten years’ time, for his life was to end in that amount of days, though intervention can stave off the death. It does turn out the Captain dies within the ten years, his Son a well lived man named Carkak ‘Crimson’ Ridder, takes over after some years, but that is for later. Darwin then turns and says. ‘So this is the city that starts the future?’ Which is strictly true as a lot of people go to Gold Krell, though not many leave as the walls surrounding all the sides besides the water are guarded so much and the rich live in at the walls and wish for none to leave if can be helped. As Darwin departs, Ridder tells him one final thing, when he gets a City Pass, which is the first step of the second chapter, go to the West ‘Sea’ Docks and ask for the Thorn family, they are the best and most fair sea farers in the Canals and then tells him the package he had sent ahead of him would be in the Shipping Warehouse holds. Darwin Bows his head and thanks the captain and the game finally, and truly begins. Now, at first, only one objective will pop up, and the killing fighting style will not open as Darwin does not yet have the clothing he needs to hide himself. That is where the package comes in, which is the one and only objective on the screen, though not the only thing you can do. As Darwin, you can explore the Canals, and mark things that you can steal, which is a part of the game, opening your eyes will reveal some other things for later, but until you get your ‘Costume’, you can’t do much save for walk, and fight, but not lethally. Going to the Warehouse will open up the first real quest, and you will be told it was taken to the Scholars Hall, for inspection, in these days the Scholars Hall was a place of dark rumor and where a lot of Mages went and never returned from. Darwin must then sneak in and through the ceiling grates, which are the airing systems of the city, and in most building, all building you majorly sneak into, you will have to work your way down. This is the introduction to the stealth incounters of the game, keeping your eyes open or not is up to you, but you don’t need them yet, as only five people work in the Hall, One is the first, VERY important person you meet, Dr. Misla, who is talking about Magic, and how it passes from Parent to child, how only two magic types can exist in one person, so far as genetics will allow, one from the mother, one from the father, unless only one has magic, or one has two Predominate Magic, Like Darwin’s Eye magic… And so on, stuff for future games.

As it stands you will need to work your way down to the holding area, on your way you will find that Misla is a bastard who cut open mages to find out about magic, several rooms are filled with blood. <.< When you finally get your package, Darwin opens it in a Cut Scene and killing opens up for you as you place on a Fox Mack and purple form fitting clothing with a hip sash. His thief name is the Purple Fox, Purple for Wisdom and Royalty as he considers himself to be the king of thieves, which he truly is as the future shows as well as putting on two ring claws, jointed with his fingers, one on his left ring finger and one of his right pointer finger. But After you place the Mask on four of the five Scholars of the Hall burst in and you get your tutorial in Killing fighting, criticals and all that. With your victory you have but to walk out of the front door, or go back through the grate you came in with, the front door will meet you with soldiers the fleeing Misla called, and will allow you the first chance to choose between killing and knocking out, two vastly different looking styles. But all the while you are wearing the mask and the claws. During this fight you will find out that the Ring finger claw will allow you to repel up to a rooftop, or ledge or the like, like Batman’s Grapnel, but it’s not going to let you glide, but it is also the only way to go down long drops without dying as he is not immortal and can very well break his legs. The Pointer claw is far more useful early on as you flick it and it makes a copy of itself that explodes in a puff of smoke, useful for group fights that you are outnumbers, and like Assassin’s Creed it would allow for instant stealth take downs. Well after getting these claws, you will learn that Darwin is holding a book, which inside tells him of the other eight which is the bulk of the first game, Darwin getting the ten Fox Claws and starting his life of Crime. The second quest will be getting the two middle finger claws which will allow you to find things when you know what they look like, so when you read books, a part of the game, and see a photo of a rare object, you can locate it, if it exists in the City. After gaining these two claws, from the Soldiers Chief’s Barracks, a fun and very nerve racking event to be sure, but Darwin can fight very well. You will have to make it out of the Canals, for the first time, so you will have to get a Pass made to be able to cross the ‘Sea’ and get into the City. In order to do that you will need to bribe the forger who does them and he wants a Comb that is also a Key which he knows belongs to the Warden of the Canals and his Manor is on the West Part of the Canals. This then opens up safe houses, the Forger allows you homestead in his place to change out of the Fox outfit and into your natural white silk cloths, so you can infiltrate the Manor as a normal persona and WALA, the game shows you that you can change form plain clothes to Fox clothes at safe houses, a few are in the city, some you have to do a side quest to open, others you can buy, or break into… It would be a part of the game…

As it were, the short, and oh so sweet first chapter is at it’s climax, but not it’s end, you are forged an invitation to the party at the manor and when you get there you find that the Warden’s Daughter has the comb. You can’t steal it there so after shuffling around, some very, and I mean very Rare items from the City section of the game are in the party and finding them here will allow you to find them when you get to the city, pickpocketing is not an option at all in the game, simply cause it is not. After finding out what you wish in the party, you can leave and go to the Bar across the Canal from the Manor where you meet an oh so wonderful man, and the Main Character of the Second game if it made it that far. Pesh King. Sitting down next to him, you find he doesn’t like company and here you get your first taste of meeting a range fighter, as Darwin opens his eyes and you see that Yellow glow right before Pesh blasts you with shadow magic, literally control over shadows, and you are flung out of the Bar. Going back in, the bar is dark and Pesh is gone, but he is important as he is one of the two possible, and the One Canon final boss of the game and in the Secret ending you see something that leads to game two. <.< Anyway, after the next day, do what you wish, since you have to wait till night to sneak into the manor, you use your middle claws to locate the Comb and sneak up to the girls room, she, Juwl, is about twenty and a mage herself, her father was not but her mother was, important cause she is the love interest and mother of Darwin’s one and only child… <.< But he sneaks into the room, not knowing she was blind, her skin is dark, she is basically Jamaican, and she hears him, silent as he is, her ears are just so dang sharp. She catches him and rises from her bath, naked, though clever choices hide her body from the player. Darwin however falls in love and tells her so, crude though it is. He gets the comb, her not wanting it, and he also get’s this glorious safe house as well as her Magic at his disposal, she is a clothing manipulating mage, and is able to enhance Darwin’s cloths with magics of certain kinds if she had the items needed, so stuff you have to find, which is why marking those rare items at the ball would be a great idea as some have the best clothing magic you can have, one silences your running, and another enhances your ‘armor to the top of the bracket. :D Anyway, with the comb you get the Pass, and finally can get to the city, but first you get to watch a specific scene after going to the Thorn family and getting to cross the Sea. Here you will meet one of the other, VERY important inhabitants of the world. Hydro Malacai Thorn. He and his brother sail you across, but do to a shark smacking the boat, Hydro’s brother falls in and is being attacked, as the boat moves away from him, to stop this, Hydro dives in and rips out his left eye, the blood from the veins draws the sharks in and Hydro uses his Water magic to beat them, saving his brother while Darwin pulls the boat around and gets them both out of the water. Darwin then dubs Hydro, The Ravenous Shark, as a joke, but it would be a feared name later when certain events would unfold half way through the game. They get to the City where Darwin’s Pass is accepted and Hydro offers his Families services, though you will not see Hydro again till the End game if you decide to be a killer, he is the other boss you can fight. Pesh if you are a good guy, and Hydro if you are a bad guy and murder the people you fight all the time.


This is important as the girl you fall in love with, Juwl, does not like murder and killing, and while she will never ‘hate’ you it can lose the safe house and force you to pay for her services instead of the free you get. If you get that, there is no way to turn around but other than those two things the only other change is the end. Fighting Pesh, or fighting the Justice loving Hydro. It would have to be a count, like if you killed so many people, or something, cause while you can do some kind acts, killing can literally only be done as the Fox, if you will as Darwin, which the game would render impossible, then there is no point to the disguise. Another thing that killing does do though is enhance the amount of guards around an object, though sneaking has it’s benefits, if you are a murderer then you will not be able to sneak all the time, as owners of these rare things, the Claws you have to find especially, would not take chances and you can fight a LOT of people just to get your ‘claws’ on them.

Now, as for the large layout of the city, it is a rounded out city into the face, though very deeply into the face of a costal cliff. Using magic the founders created a city and used the rock they dug out to further add walls around the cities edges, it is separated into four zones. The Canal Distric, which was originally a cave that was opened up, but so far below the water level they kept it sectioned off into a zone for Ships to enter. Then the lower district which is only gotten to by way of ferries and people the the Thorns, it’s about 100 feet over sea level and the very edges besides the parts in the ‘Sea’ which hold the docks are straight down. On this section is where the poorest laborers live, who work for next to nothing, but they have no choice in the matter. The Canal District is a little more fair, but only cause the Warden only worries about what comes in from over the oceans beyond the Cape of Blood, also known, the Ocean that is, as Cortex Gala. On the Inner Ridge, two hundred feet above the level of the lower section is the Mid-Section, Business owners, and Inns, and the like are stationed here, somewhat rich people who wish they were in the upper section. The only way, usually, to get from this section to the lower section, are four separate flights of stairs in different parts so the lower ‘scum’ can get to work. To get from the Mid-Section, to the section against the wall, a two hundred Yards above the Sea Level, would be two flights of stairs, one snaking around the ‘Sea’ dangers, but with a commanding view of the Canal district and the only way to the north without cutting through the Southern, rich half of the city, no roads leading north during these days after all. And then the south stairs, which lead to the main gates, where you are prostrated if you are ‘scum’ so the rich can have a laugh. Darwin will gain something to get him access to every part of the city without having to go up the stairs at all, and with his lover’s help, he will gain a real pass to get him into the top city, and clothing to match.

The Claws are thus though.

Middle Fingers: Used to find things, must know what it looks like though.

Left Ring finger: Used to cast a magic rope up to high placed, also can make short lived bridges to run across high gaps.

Right Ring: Pointing the tip of the claw to a keyed lock will unlock any besides ancient magic locks.

Pinky Fingers: Allows you to climb up walls without any support and with a feeling of weightlessness.

Right Pointer: Allows you to flick copies which explode into smoke bombs

Left Pointer: Allows you to turn invisible for a set amount of time, like most cloaking magic, this ring has a strict time limit, and it takes some time to recharge the magic.

Right Thumb: Allows you to read another’s mind for information they know, will only show you what you ask, and can only show you what the person truly knows. Can also be used to find out about items history in the same way.

Left Thumb: By poking this claw into the skin of a person or creature, you will render them unconscious. They will not awaken for a full day, exactly 24 hours.

I do also have one other game idea besides this, which would be based in the same world, but a turn based RPG. If you're interested, note me. :D

Anyone want to draw an Original Green Lantern.

He would be mostly covered up, wearing a black form fitting trench coat, with a hood. His eyes showing, glowing green of course. he would have Asian like eyes, though he is an elf like being. And his face up to his nose would be covered by the collar of his out fit. The Green lantern, green mark would be on his back. 
Looking for a comic book type of character drawn, possible two if I can find the right artist. 

The One I am looking for currently though is a black outlined type of man, but with blue jagged lines running over parts of his body that extend from his eyes, only he is missing his left eye. There is a rich back story behind him and I can explain it to whomever I pick to draw it. Please send a sample of you work to me if you're interested. I thank you. Oh, I can give references as well and a much better description if needed. 


No journal entries yet.


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